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Quality Without Compromise.

Who says you can't have it all? With Mosaic you can build the highest quality custom app – in a matter of hours.

Mosaic Features:

web–Based Management

client solutions team

Plug & Play Features

Detailed Analytics

Web-based Management

Instant Gratification

Automation makes everyone's life easier. That’s why Mosaic immediately validates all of your data, builds device-specific apps on demand, and pushes immediate over-the-air updates when you make changes to your data.

You're in control

You have the keys to the kingdom. Manage all of your account information, adjust your data, tweak the design, and push those changes live - on your schedule.

Make it yours

Your school is unique, so your app should be too. Mosaic makes it easy to customize everything about your app, from design to features – plugging into all of the current, disparate platforms that you already use.

Dedicated Client Solutions Team

People when you need them, technology when you don't

Mosaic gives you full control over your app, but your Client Solutions Manager will always be there to help you fine tune your strategy, implement quickly, and ensure that you provide the best quality app to your community.

Plug & Play Features

Reach more prospects

Not everyone can visit your school these days. Use interactive tours, media libraries, event calendars, and athletics information to help prospective students and parents experience your campus from anywhere in the world.

Engage current students

Help current students navigate their way around campus, plan their academic and social schedules, and even find out when the next bus is coming - it’s a one-stop-shop for everything they need to know about your school.

Build alumni connections

Increase your virtual engagement with alumni. With access to their alumni portals, regular news updates, and coverage of their favorite athletics teams, they’ll never miss a beat. They might even update their contact information, if you let them.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Your mobile strategy is always evolving, so your app should be too. Our built-in suite of analytics enables you to track the success of your current app, and inform future improvements to keep it relevant.


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